Indoor Fireplace Accessories


Pick out some of the essentials to go alongside your fireplace, then go ahead and pick out some non-essentials. Every little thing adds up, making your fireplace just that little bit more special.

Hearths & Mantels

Ornamental Designs

Modern day artisans, Ornamental Designs offers some of the most eye-catching accessories for any fireplace. Their mantels and shelving are as elegant as they are durable and redefine artistry.

Stoll Industries

With standards as high as possible, Stoll Industries offers some of the most customizable shelving and mantels. Their metal construction makes them last for ages and laugh at the idea of burning.

Magra Hearth

Offering a solution to the “mantel clearance” issue that many homeowners face, Magra Hearth’s non-combustible construction and superb craftsmanship make them a standard choice for hearth surrounds.

Tool Kits, Dampers, Ventilation & More

Pilgrim Home & Hearth

For over 65 years Pilgrim Home & Hearth has been providing America with quality accessories for their fireplace, from screens to log grates. Their products are a one-time purchase, they last just that long.

Vestal Manufacturing

Founded in Sweetwater, Tennessee, Vestal manufacturing has been around for long enough to master their art. Their durability is second to none and is trusted by millions every year.

Enervex Venting Design

Offering some of the industry leading venting solutions for exhaust, Enervex offers top of the line solutions to residential and commercial ventilation needs, especially for Wood-Burning fireplaces.