A beautiful outdoor kitchen is only as good as the sum of its parts, so don’t skimp on the most important part, the Grill. A chef-quality grill will transform your cooking, with or without the chef.

Fire Magic Grill

Our Manufacturers

Fire Magic

Made by chefs for chefs, Fire Magic Grills are the cream of the crop and have been for the past 75 years. They back their exquisite craftsmanship with some of the best warranties in the industry, including a lifetime warranty on their cast stainless steel burners. Can’t beat that.

American Outdoor

Stylish and sleek, American Outdoor Grills are built from premium stainless steel and include many features that a chef of any level will appreciate. You might even be able to give up the kitchen inside…

Primo Grill

A relatively new name in the ceramic grill industry, Primo Ceramic Grills are made right here in the United States. These grills feature a patented Oval shape and custom refractory blend that makes them produce some of the best meals you have ever seen, seriously…