Bellingham 52

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Let me set the scene; you have a huge living room, but you don’t want your fireplace to push your TV to the ceiling. Well, then take a look at this behemoth. The Bellingham 52 from Kozy Heat is a massive fireplace with a shorter opening to allow for some flexibility in TV locations!

This huge fireplace is a marvel to look at it!

We’re in Texas, it is almost expected to go big…

You should see the back log, it is HUGE!

Viewing Area

  • 52 1/2″ Wide x 31″ Tall

General Specifications

  • 59,500 Max BTUs (NG)
  • P.4 Efficiency of 65.2% (NG)
  • Convertible to Liquid Propane
  • Full Featured Remote Control
  • Includes Ember Light & Overhead Light

Rough Framing Opening

  • 66″ Wide x 51″ Tall x 28 3/4″ Deep
For more information, please use the links to download manuals, framing specs, brochures and/or visit the manufacturer’s website!

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