Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

If you are in the market for a large fireplace that screams decadence and exudes luxury, look no further than the Urbana U55, the largest standardized residential fireplace we have. This fireplace is the BIG brother of the U44 and improves upon it in every way.

Bigger viewing area, bigger flames, bigger statement…

We’re in Texas, this is basically expected of us!

You had a great room, now you will have a GREAT room!

Viewing Area

  • 52″ Wide x 42″ Tall

General Specifications

  • 75,000 Max BTUs (NG)
  • P.4 Efficiency of 39% (NG)
  • Convertible to Liquid Propane
  • Full Featured Remote Control
  • Includes Overhead Light

Rough Framing Opening

  • 64″ Wide x 61″ Tall x 28″ Deep
For more information, please use the links to download manuals, framing specs, brochures and/or visit the manufacturer’s website!

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