Linear 50

Wood Burning Fireplace

Ok, this thing is just plain cool. What is there to say, I mean, a modern linear wood burning fireplace with a guillotine door kind of speaks for itself… Designed from the ground up from the masterminds at Renaissance, the Linear 50 is a marvel.

If you want wood burning and modern in the same fireplace, here you go.

Contemporary Wood Burning at its Finest!

Buyer Beware: This marvel will likely cause you to be the host of all the neighborhood cookouts.

Glass Viewing Area

  • 45 7/8″ Wide x 15 3/8″ Tall

General Specifications

  • Exclusive Renaissance Guillotine Door System
  • Includes Refractory Liner
  • Features Heat Redistribution System (Required)
  • Specially Designed Firebox to Distribute Air
  • Ceramic Glass to Radiate Heat

Rough Framing Opening

  • 73″ Wide x 68″ Tall x 29 1/2″ Deep
  • Special Requirements Apply, Ask for Details
For more information, please use the links to download manuals, framing specs, brochures and/or visit the manufacturer’s website!

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