Rumford 1500

Wood Burning Fireplace

To some, a wood burning fireplace is the only kind of fireplace. If you are one of those people, but you also want to build an energy efficient home, look no further. With the Rumford 1500 from Renaissance, you get a roaring fireplace that actually produces heat!

Larger than the Rumford 1000, this fireplace is the ultimate in size & performance.

This is a Fire Unlike Any Other.

You will probably keep this burning just for fun, we sure do!

Glass Viewing Area

  • 36″ Wide x 33 1/8″ Tall

General Specifications

  • Exclusive Renaissance Guillotine Door System
  • Two Liners to Choose From
  • Features Heat Redistribution System (Required)
  • Lower Emissions [EPA Qualified Fireplace]
  • Ceramic Glass to Radiate Heat

Rough Framing Opening

  • 61″ Wide x 94″ Tall x 33 1/2″ Deep
For more information, please use the links to download manuals, framing specs, brochures and/or visit the manufacturer’s website!

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