Rural Oak

Starting At $842.00

Featuring a vertically arranged log set crafted specifically to accommodate the tall opening designs of Rumford or “Kiva” style fireplaces. With intricate bark detail and the wood fire realism Real Fyre is known for, these logs make the perfect addition to any tall fireplace.


Burner Description

The selected log set is specially designed to fit on the GR47 Rumford Style Burner system.

  • Rumford Style (G47)
    • ANSI Certified Burner System
    • Designed for Taller Fireplaces
    • Capable of creating a full bodied, tall flame to accentuate the stacked logs.

Control Systems

Below is a short summary of the available control systems for the selected log set collection. Some systems are not available with particular log sets due to manufacturer defined constraints.

  • Match Light (No Safety Valve)
    • Natural Gas Only
    • Standing Pilot
    • Manual Ignition
    • Manual Flame Height Adjustment
  • Match Light
    • Standing Pilot
    • Manual Ignition
    • Manual Flame Height Adjustment
  • Variable (Low Profile)
    • Features a Single, Low-Profile Control System
    • Standing Pilot
    • Remote Ignition
    • Remote Flame Height Adjustment
  • Electronic (On/Off)
    • Includes Standard On/Off Remote System
    • Non-Standing Electronic Pilot
    • Remote Ignition
    • Manual Flame Height Adjustment

Please Note: Our system automatically filters out non-standard configurations, but add-on control systems are possible in some cases. Therefore, if your selected log set does not show a desired option, please contact us so we can check with the manufacturer if it can be added on as a non-standard system.

Installation Manuals

Below is a list of the available installation manuals available for the selected log set collection. Please view the installation manual for the selected burner type. Additionally, burners configured without Safety Valves have separate installation manuals due to not being ANSI certified.

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