Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

In our industry, we see the same things over and over again, rarely do we see a fireplace design that makes us go “wow, that is awesome.” When we saw the U33 from Urbana, that is exactly what we said, after we picked our jaws up off the floor of course.

Available with two stunning log sets and four firebox liners.

Fair Warning: This may start a neighborhood remodeling wave…

If you really want to spice things up, make it a see through!

Viewing Area

  • 34 1/2″ Wide x 30 1/2″ Tall

General Specifications

  • 45,000 Max BTUs (NG)
  • P.4 Efficiency Coming Soon
  • Convertible to Liquid Propane
  • Full Featured Remote Control
  • Includes Fluted Liner & Top Lighting

Rough Framing Opening

  • Coming Soon
For more information, please use the links to download manuals, framing specs, brochures and/or visit the manufacturer’s website!

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